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Affected by the recent flooding from Hurricane Florence? Do you have wet carpet? Wet baseboards? Wet walls? Water all over your floors?

Call APRCAT HURRICANE FLOOD DISASTER CLEANUP CREW AT 1-877-604-8324 for immediate response and relief. We will extract all the water from the floors. Remove all wet pad and wet carpet. Dry the property with high tech drying equipment including commercial dehumidifiers. Clean and sanitize the floors thoroughly to prevent mold growth.

Call 1-877-604-8324 for immediate response. 30 minute response TIME. We are local, insured, and certified by the IICRC (www.iicrc.org). We have technicians on standby to assist with any water damage, flood damage, and mud cleanup for commercial properties.

Call 1-877-604-8324 now for a free no obligation on-site estimate.

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