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How to Select a Restoration Contractor in Atlanta!

If your property encountered emergency restoration needs in the past, then you know the difficulties of finding the right restoration contractor to do the repairs! We recommend Property Managers to use the following criteria to grade your contractor before hiring them.


how to select a restoration contractor in Atlanta
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1. IICRC Certified Firm

All restoration contractor firms need to be certified by the IICRC (www.iicrc.com). IICRC is the highest certifying body in the world for the cleaning and restorationindustry. To be certified by the IICRC, contractor firms and their technicians must undergo rigorous training and pass qualification exams. The IICRC sets the standard and qualify for remediating and cleaning on restoration projects.


2. IICRC Certified Technicians

Many of the technicians that perform restoration jobs are inexperienced. Majority of them are just laborers that were hired to help out and they have no experience. It is always a good idea to ask whether the lead technicians are certified by the IICRC. The technicians need to be certified to perform fire damage cleanup, water damage cleanup, sewage damage cleanup, and Mold damage cleanup.


3.  A+ Rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Accreditation from the BBB is a great way to know about the firm you intend to select. If the firm has an A+ rating then you know that it is unlikely that you will run into issues with the firm since they will not have bad reviews and complaints. It is best to check the rating of the firm on the BBB (www.bbb.org) website. 


4. Trustdale Certified Firm

You probably have heard of Trust Dale. Dale is a consumer investigator that investigates companies and approves them on his website as companies that he
did research on, investigated, and approved. It is a great honor for a company to be certified by TrustDale (www.trustdale.com). TrustDale values honesty, quality of work, and integrity. The firm must exemplify all these characteristics to be approved.


5. Experienced Project Managers

Project Management is very important. Many projects fail due to poor project management. Before hiring a contractor, ensure that the firms project managers are trained and experienced. They should provide you with case studies and samples of the work they completed like your project.


6. Minimum 10 Years’ Experience

The firm you select should have at least 10 years minimum experience especially in water damage restoration and fire damage restoration. The firm must be in business for more than 10 years. This ensures that the company has experience and longevity.


7. Impeccable Response

Impeccable response includes equipment, training, and response time. Many restoration contractors do not have the required equipment to do a restoration project. Many use old and outdated equipment that is no longer effective. The selected firm should have plenty of restoration equipment in their warehouse.


American Property Restoration has A+ rating on BBB and certified by the IICRC. Our technicians and Project Managers are certified as well. We are TrustDale Certified! Our firm passed Dale’s 7 point inspection and he stands behind us because of our exceptional service offer. Our firm meets and exceeds all 7 criteria identified on this article and invite property managers to contact us for their emergency property restoration in Atlanta.