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Disaster Season Is Here!!!   Prepare now for the Inevitable!   In the spring, HEAVY RAINS, HAIL DAMAGE, TORNADOES, LIGHTNING, and PROPERTY FIRES are very prominent in our State. As a property manager, having a 24/7 Disaster Recovery Team that can respond anytime of the day is a ABSOLUTE MUST. American Property Restoration has the experience, certifications, and equipment to take on any Commercial/Multi-Family structure.   NEED […]

How to Select a Restoration Contractor in Atlanta! If your property encountered emergency restoration needs in the past, then you know the difficulties of finding the right restoration contractor to do the repairs! We recommend Property Managers to use the following criteria to grade your contractor before hiring them.   1. IICRC Certified Firm All restoration contractor firms need to be certified by the IICRC (www.iicrc.com). IICRC is […]

No Property Is Safe from Disaster Occurrences! The scariest thought for Atlanta Property Managers / Maintenance Directors is fire damage or water damage from a burst pipe affecting multiple units. How can you tackle the situation if it arises? On top of the list should be a 24/7 standby certified Disaster Restoration Company. American Property […]